P – FLOX Injection:
COMPOSITIONS Each ml Contains : Enrofloxacine : 100mg
INDICATIONS: P-Flox being a broad spectrum antibacterial is indicated in bacterial infections.
P-Flox very effectively infection such as : Pneumonia, Broncho- pneumonia. Enteritis, Diarrohea,,Colisepticaemia, Typhoid, Skin wound, urinogenital organs, external auditory canal and secondary bacterial infection .
ADM. AND DOSAGE : For I/M use only. 1ml/20 Kg body weight
PRESENTATIONS: 15ml, & 50ml,100 ml Vials

GENTACARE vet Injection :

Each ml Contains


Gentamicine Sulphate I.P. Eq. to gentamicine Base : 40mg
Gentacare is effective for urinary track , Respiratory Track secondary bacterial skin and soft tissue infections. In case of metritis , Repeat breeders for intra uterine treatment.
Poultry :
Gentacare is indicated for prevention of early chick mortality particulary due to E.coli, Salmonella sp. & Psuedomonas sp.
Gentacare is to be administered by intamusculars or intravenous route only.
The recommended dosage is : Large animals : 1 to 2 mg/kbw,  Small animals : 2 to 4 mg/kbw,  Poultry :3 to 5 mg/kbw,   Day old chicks :0.2 to 0.4 mg/kbw
GENTACARE for Egg Dipping : Add 7ml of gentacare to 493 ml. of distilled water . Dip the egg for about 10 minutes. 500ml. of the above diluted solution is sufficient to dip 1000 eggs. It is necessary that eggs are dipped before setting them hatching.
PRESENTATION: 30ml vial,100 ml Vial.

POLYPRIM Injection
COMPOSITIONS Each ml Contains :  Sulphadiazine : 200mg, Trimethoprime : 40mg,
  • Good tissue penetration.
  • Quick, High & consistent tissue concentration for 24 hours.
  • Faster control of bacteremia.
  • Safe
DOGAASE AND ADMISTRATION:  I/M OR slow I/V Route. 1ml/16 Kg. Body weight

POLYGIN vet Injection

COMPOSITIONS Each ml Contains


Analgin I.P.: 500mg
For relief of pain in colics, lumbago like complaints, labour, spastic, condition of the orificiu and cervix during, parturition, rheumatic condition neuritis , neuralgia, gastritis, in small domestic animals and to prevent vomiting.
DOSAGE AND ADM : Large animal : 10 to 15 ml
Small animal : 2 to 8 ml.
Polygin vet is administered by intramusculars or slow intavenouse route only.
PRESENTATION : 30ml vial

MELOZEST Injection

COMPOSITIONS: Each ml Contains


Meloxicam : 5 mg
Muscular Inflammation:
Synovitis Arthritis
Myositis Tendonitis

Inflammation of Respiratory:
Pneumonia Broncho-pneumonia

Gynaecological Inflammatory: Metritis Prolapse of Uterus
Other: Mastitis Post operative pain,  Pharyngitis Otitis
DOSAGE AND ADM.: 1ml/25kgbwt 1ml/10Kg bwt (Respiratory & Prolapse) 1ml/10kg bwt for Dog
PRESENTATION : 30ml vial,100 ml Vial

BITA - S Injection
COMPOSITIONS Each ml Contains : Phenyl Butazone : 200 mg ,  Sodium Salicylate : 20 mg
INDICATIONS: As an Analgesic and antipyretic in all case of fever associated especially in ephemeral fever, musculo-skeletal affections such as arthritis, tendonitis, luxations, and in acute metritis, actue pneumopathy , post operative conditions & trauma.
DOSAGE AND ADM.: Cattle , Camel & Horse : 20 – 30ml,   Sheep , goat foal calf & pigs : 10 – 15ml, By IM or Slow IV route
WITHDRAWAL PERIOD :   Slaughter : 35days ,   Milk : 6 Days
PRESENTATION : 30ml vial,100 ml Vial

FENTA - MP Injection
COMPOSITIONS Each ml Contains : Mefenamic Acid : 50 mg ,         Paracetamol : 150 mg
INDICATIONS: As an Analgesic and antipyretic
DOSAGE AND ADM.: As Directed by Veterinarian By    IM route only
PRESENTATION : 30ml vial,100 ml Vial

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